Toffee Popcorn Slice...

A chocolate biscuit base topped with very lightly salted popcorn bound together with a caramel syrup and drizzled with milk chocolate.

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! The best thing to eat this weekend are our amazing brioche burger buns and hot dog rolls!! Filled with all your favourite toppings Yum! Get in touch if you want to try them

New! Raspberry & Brownie Layer Cake

New! Raspberry & Brownie Layer Cake A rich chocolate brownie base layered with a light vanilla sponge, filled with raspberry buttercream and decorated with a white chocolate buttercream ganache and sprinkled with raspberry pieces.

Serving suggestion!

Serving suggestion! Toasted brioche hot dog rolls filled with sausage, tomato relish, salad and dijonniase. Amazing!

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