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Brays Bespoke

Balgian Chocolatier

Bespoke Handmade Chocolates for the hotel retail and catering world brought to you by Bray Foods.

Close your eyes and drift into the most indulgent sensation you have ever felt. Tantalise your taste buds with Peters smooth creamy white, soft velvety brown or the darker than dark exotic creations.  This is the experience you feel when you slowly bite into one of his works of art. Their beauty will inspire you from the delicate butterfly, a pretty flower or even an Egyptian head, the shapes styles and colours are endless. If you wish, Peter can even personalise the chocolates to your own requirements.

Peter Roskams the “Chocolate Professor” not only produces these fantastic handmade chocolates, but also teaches the art to an appreciative Belgian audience.  Today he is demonstrating his art at the Northern Restaurant and Bar. Join his army of followers by placing your order or arranging a visit with our exclusive distributors Bray Foods Ltd.

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